The Dead Queens Club (Hannah Capin)

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion. This didn’t change my feelings about the book.

Anna “Cleves” Marck is one of the few girls to make it out of her relationship with the oh-so-perfect jock Henry unscathed. Unabashed reporter Cleves has stuck by the magnetic overacheiever as his best friend through his frequent girlfriend changes, but after two of Henry’s exes turn up dead within months of each other she and some of the other ladies in his life feel like it merits more investigation.

So… let me just quickly sum up for you how I felt about this book:

Actual image of me reading this book.

Not only is this book immensely fun, it’s super clear to me the Henry VIII nerd that Hannah Capin seriously knows her stuff. I really enjoyed catching all the historical name references, but there were plenty of other, more subtle details sprinkled throughout that were just amazing. Lina having a jar of pomegranate seeds in her dorm fridge? Perfect.

In addition to appealing to my history geek side, this also adds in a heaping dose of girl power, feminism, whatever you want to call it and gives Henry’s queens a chance to take back their power, because let’s face it, he may have been fascinating and even charming, but Henry was a real dick. History may not have always been kind to the women in his life, but this book sets up a scenario where they are given a chance to shine.

Altogether, what we have is a book that is clever, fun and totally satisfying. My reading this year has started pretty well, but this easily seizes the top spot.