Book Related Movies (And Cocktail Suggestions!)

Since I haven’t been reading as much as usual lately (a fact I’m trying to rectify), I’ve decided to do something a little different. While books have always been my ultimate source of comfort, movies are a close second. I’ve written about my favorite book to TV adaptations previously here. My favorite book to big screen is another article entirely. Soon enough.

Today, I’m looking at movies that are about books. Plus, I’m throwing in cocktail suggestions. You can’t go wrong! Read on…

  • Stranger Than Fiction

When IRS auditor Harold Crick begins to hear a voice narrating his life, he thinks he’s going crazy. When the narrator suggests that he will die soon, Harold becomes desperate to discover the identity of the narrator so he can talk her into a different ending.

This has been one of my favorite movies since it came out. It is one of those things that I wish I could have written myself. While Will Ferrell movies can usually be over the top, this is definitely a more restrained performance, and I think without question one of his best.

Cocktail Suggestion: A green apple ginger martini. Green apples feature pretty noticiably in the story, so this seems fitting.

  • The Neverending Story

Pretty much everyone born in the 80’s already knows this movie. As a big fan of 80’s fantasy, I love this one, but, it definitely scarred me for life. You know the scene I mean.

Cocktail suggestion: The Neverending Story. It’s too perfectly named. And you will want the alcohol to deal with the emotional trauma. Or alternately: a tequila sunrise: just like this movie, it looks like a fun time, but you know you’re just going to end up on the edge of a blackout, crying on the floor. (This was a suggestion someone else made to me that I lifted almost word for word. #sorrynotsorry )

Perhaps you can make it look this sexy and dramatic. I cannot.
  • The Princess Bride

Another for those 80’s babies out there. While stuck at home sick, a young boy’s grandfather reads him the tale of the Princess Bride. Full of adventure and true love, and a good dose of humor, this classic has definitely stood the test of time. This is also one of the few cases where I like the movie much better than the book.

Cocktail suggestion: The Buttercup. Something warm and fuzzy to go with all those cozy childhood memories.

  • Notting Hill

Travel bookshop owner William Thacker leads a predictable, boring life, until his world is suddenly thrown into turmoil when famous actress Anna Scott enters his shop. After a somewhat messy introduction, romance inevitably follows.

Of course it’s a silly chick flick, but it is still one of my all time favorites. Hugh Grant is, in my opinion, at his charmingly befuddled best.

Cocktail suggestion: A classic screwdriver, which will make perfect sense when the time comes for the meet cute.

  • Inkheart

Young Meggie is startled to discover that her father, Mo, can pull characters from books, simply by reading them aloud. This soon proves to be dangerous when villain Capricorn decides that he likes this world, and does not want to return to the book.

Cocktail suggestion: Honestly, I have nothing here folks. This movie originally inspired this list, and I had a great one at one time. But, as usual, I didn’t write it down. Just enjoy it with a nice glass of port.

If you’ve been following for awhile, you already know books (and now movies) and drink pairings are some of my favorite posts to write. Have any suggestions? Leave them in a comment and I’ll consider it for a future post!