Creepy and True: Mummies Exposed! (Kerrie Logan Hollihan)

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This didn’t change my opinion of the book.

Mummies have been my jam since I was a little kid. Books, documentaries, whatever you’ve got, I’ve never been able to get enough. This book would have been a dream when I was a kid, and honestly, is still perfectly enjoyable as an adult. Kerrie Lynn Hollihan really seems to have it together on her research and it’s presented in such a way to make it interesting and fun, without being overly lighthearted.

Mummies Exposed! doesn’t just cover the usual Egyptian mummies, either. She covers a broad range of both natural and embalmed mummies from all over the world. The photos are detailed and well done. There were even quite a few things in here that I never knew!

Obviously this is a book meant for kids, but it doesn’t disappoint adults either. This is the first entry in a series and I cannot wait to see more and to share them with the creepy little human that I know.