Death by Roses (Vivian R. Probst)

I received a free copy of Death by Roses in exchange for an honest review. This did not change my opinion of the book.

When Art McElroy Sr. brings his wife a dozen roses, the first flowers he’s ever bought her during their marriage, he has no idea that in just hours he will discover her dead, on the toilet. The loss of Mae Rose leaves a void in his life he could never have anticipated. But, it turns out Mae Rose is far from ready to give up meddling in the lives of her family.

After she gets herself kicked out of the afterlife, Mae Rose wakes up inside the body of Mary Broadmoor, a writer and horror move director. Mary is after one big hit that can win her an Oscar before terminal cancer takes her. Will these two strong women be able to co-exist and untangle the mess of both of their lives?

When I first started to get into this book, I became a little concerned. I was really fearful that this was going to be a warm and fuzzy book. Cheesy is ok, but I don’t really do warm and fuzzy. I was dreading trying to get through it.

Lucky me, it didn’t take much longer for me to be pleasantly surprised. It WAS warm and fuzzy, but in a good way. I don’t say that often. After reading quite a few books that were much darker in tone (even if they were great books) this was a breath of fresh air. Obviously, we’re dealing with death and the afterlife here and there are parts that are sad. However, taken as a whole, the book was a pretty lighthearted approach and you are left in the end with good feelings overall.

The one sort of out of place thing for me was relationship of Mary’s hospice nurse and doctor. I just found him to be a total creep. I get this point of the story is about second chances, but personally I would have called him a sex offender/potential serial killer and run for the hills, dreamboat or not. But, to each their own, I suppose.

It was funny, quirky and hard to put down. If this is only Vivian R. Probst‘s first novel, I can’t wait to read more!