The Devil’s Bible Saga (Michael Bolan)

I received free copies of The Devil’s Bible saga from the author in exchange for an honest review. This did not change my opinion of the books.

The story opens as the Duke of Brabant lay dying. The succession is supposed to be split between the three sons of the Duke, giving them all a chance to be leaders. After he slips away, the eldest brother Reinald reveals that their father changed his will on his deathbed and he is now the sole heir to the duchy.  He makes it quite clear that he will brook no defiance from his siblings. Willem and Leo, along with their headstrong sister Isabella choose to leave their home and pursue their own destinies rather than submit to their brother’s will. The form a war party for hire and proceed to be very successful throughout the Thirty Years War. Reinald, meanwhile follows a much more sinister path: he joins forces with a group intent on bringing about the apocalypse by killing as many people as possible.

What a thoroughly enjoyable series! A little history, a little fantasy and totally binge-able! The series consists of three books, The Sons of Brabant, Hidden Elements and The Stone Bridge.  My little summary above? Barely scratching the surface. There is a great deal going on, but it’s all told fairly compactly, which is something I really liked. I read the whole series in under a week, partially because they are not super long, partially because I couldn’t put them down. He doesn’t waste a lot of time dragging out pointless conversations or endless, overdone descriptions. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

While The Sons of Brabant was a great book, my favorite was definitely Hidden Elements. Within the first two pages my jaw was on the floor and I could barely stop to sleep, eat and go to my day job. And The Stone Bridge can certainly hold it’s own with the other two: happy, sad, spectacular.

The characters are also pretty fantastic. The bad guys range from sinister to absolutely deplorable, some make your skin crawl. The heroes are just as fleshed out. Isabella was my particular favorite. She’s totally ass-kicking and I thought an amazingly well written female character.

One thing is for certain, Michael Bolan tells one hell of a story. And I cannot wait to read more.