I Died Yesterday (Andy Graham)

Happy Halloween!

Given that it’s a holiday, I decided I would give you all a little bonus review for the week- consider it a treat. This will be a pretty short little review, but that seems fitting, because the book itself is a short read.

You know how I love a good cover…

But, by no means was it what I would call an easy read. I Died Yesterday is a collection of five short stories. While they are all very different stories, they do share the fact that they are all very dark, even bleak.

I always feel like I should enjoy short stories more than I do. It’s just a personal preference, but I’m always left wanting more. I’m a fan of giant tomes with massive page counts and series that keep bringing me back into a particular world. That being said, I did like this book, but was definitely left wishing there was more to it.

The writing was solid and evocative, which is all the more important when you are dealing with short stories. I particularly liked the final story in the book, A View. Another, Sunflower, definitely made my skin crawl. There is something here for any fan of the dark or macabre. The title story I Died Yesterday is scary in a way that could be very real for some readers. Each story is very different. There is some gore, but it’s not overwhelming. No monsters here, except the ones that wear a human face.

If you’re seeking a peek into the darkness, I Died Yesterday is the perfect place to start. You can also check out more from Andy Graham here, including plenty more to reading for those of you who are intrigued. Happy Halloween everyone!!